Hi! I’m Preeti Somani, an INFS certified nutrition and fitness coach, an advanced yoga and calisthenics practioner, and a budding meditator, on a mission to improve people’s lifestyles through nutrition, physical exercise, yoga and mindfulness.

My personal fitness journey started a few years ago, when I was 40 years old, and led me from an overweight, sedentary, illness-prone corporate professional to a 10 kgs lighter, energetic, healthier, marathon-running, health/fitness evanlegist. And I would like to enable others to get to their healtiest versions of themselves. My philosophy is to provide customized diet and exercise guidance catered to each individual’s lifestyle(whether they be working professionals, home-makers, children, athletes), health goals, food preferences and age, based on latest research but backed by personal experience. My ultimate aim is to help people improve their relationship with food and sustain their healthy lifestyle through mindful eating and wellness strategies.

I love to spread awareness about the ever-evolving health and nutrition science and some of my personal learnings about healthy living through this blog.

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