What it takes to be an urban 40-something Indian woman!

Some passion, a little boldness, and possibly a personal trainer!

A forty-something urban Indian woman isn’t hung up on a career, as long as she has a passion, to pursue! It’s no longer about raking in the moolah.  (Thanks to their husbands for being the lifestyle providers.) And by now, most of them have proved themselves to the world in their mainstream careers anyway.  So it’s about doing something that defines them; chasing a passion that provides meaning in their lives. Passion could be anything from music to baking to a social cause, but it is dealt with the same fervour as their past-life professions.  Just like their multi-vitamins, this daily dose of passion is what keeps them young and energetic.
Middle-aged Indian women today are more bold and beautiful (Thanks to the growing fitness and beauty consciousness of the times!) than ever before!  In fact, they are at their boldest best.  It’s not been easy to maintain those looks or curves .  And who knows when the sagging will show up or the greys will turn into whites. So, it’s now or never.  From selfies to parties, they are flaunting their beautiful, manicured selves to the fullest.  

Sonali – Fit Factor winner, a mother of 2 
and close to 40!
Photo credit: Hari Bhagirath
They are getting bolder in their thoughts and actions too. The kitty party conversations are moving from discussing recipes, kids, and domestic help woes to discussing Nandana Sen’s sexuality or Kim Karshashian’s derriere. There’s no more hush-hushness around engaging in a little flirty tete-a-tete or enjoying bedroom innuendos. Or in sharing smokes or shots with men. They are running marathons, taking solo trekking trips, winning body-building championships, standing up for their rights (and for others’), and asking the hard questions.  

Up until now, fun did not surface as a serious part of their agenda.  But the rules are being rewritten. With kids (pretty much) sorted, husband handled, finances in place, and an unabashed attitude, why not have some fun? Fun is taking tennis lessons or clubbing till wee hours or matinee shows with friends or even a good-looking personal trainer to keep them motivated.
Nonetheless, the quintessential Indian women they are, they remain great caregivers to their families, the right support system to their friends and in general, attentive to others’ needs. And that does not change dramatically… what has changed is now are they are more well-balanced, confident women as opposed to the dull, over-the-hill ones they would be earlier.