Happy Days (Achhe Din) are here again!

Did Modiji pick a good time to become Prime Minister of India? Or did we pick Modiji at a good time?

The Verbal Bang Bang of Modiji!
From Mangalyaan to Mary Kom to the mouse and the mobile revolution, Indian sentiment is at its exuberant best.  Add to that the big fat festival season combined with Modiji’s Bang Bang speeches!  It’s like playing the lungi dance song, when you are already bottoms-uped!

Well, while some may debate the cause and the effect, there is no refuting the fact that achhe din have come upon us.

As we speak, our children are on their mom’s mobiles, trying to buy toys, gadgets, and clothes from Amazon or Filpkart, depending on who is having a better sale that day. This is generating so much excess that they are all feeling charitable about donating to the lesser-privileged.  Ahh, Joy of Giving and Swachh Abhiyan, all while enjoying the new-age comercialism. What say, Modiji? Achhe Din, yah!

Parents couldn’t be happier though; even though a chunk of their income is being spent on their children. The glorying success of Modiji (or Mary Kom for that matter) is enough to rekindle their aspirations that it could be their child in the newspapers someday. Well, if a chaiwala can become a Prime Minister, anything can happen, right?!    

There’s damn achhe din for the newspaper and broadcast media…Thanks to the e-commerce bigwigs throwing VC money for full-length ads to lure us into buying things we don’t really want but at a cheaper price!  The young and the smart of the country rejoicing at this; they are busy building creative products/services  (aka “Make in India” startups) to ride on this irrational materialism euphoria.  And since they are working hard, they are partying even harder! Achhe din for our hotels, restaurants, pubs, paan-walas,  et. al.!

Friends and Families (who are not partaking in the startup boom) are busy travelling to exotic locations or gambling away at the pre-Diwali tash-parties (with single-malt whiskies). Happy Days are here again…Thumbs Up, hic!

The women of the country have become the biggest cheerleaders of the achhe din. They are enjoying their womanhood with renewed self-confidence; clicking away Facebook selfies with their designer outfits that they are buying online.  And for a change, enjoying the thrill of their favorite outfits chasing them from one online site to the other!  They may not go the mall this season, but are religiously going to the gym in the hope of fitting into the teeny-weeny dress they bought on Myntra. Come to think of it, they are pulling the weight of the fashion industry, the social media industry, the e-commerce industry, and the fitness industry on their delicate shoulders!  Women-power as you say, Modiji!

After a long time, men are invigorated thinking about how to re-build the nation (per Modiji’s mandate) and mint money (in the process) so that they can fuel the economy (and their SUVs). They are also going to the gym regularly to catch the women in action (oops…I meant to say, to build their biceps).  And while women are enjoying Facebook, men are having fun with Whatsapp; laughing away at every joke (if it’s dirty, of course)!  Either of them looking forward to an iphone6 to show up as their Diwali gift!

Aren’t these the achhe din we had all hoped for?!  Thank you all for choosing Modiji as our Prime Minister and thank you Modiji for choosing a good time to become one!

ps. Now that Modiji has Bang Banged us with his speeches..lets see if Hritik Roshan scales upto it!