How I miss my phone!

I had seen it coming. But I had been in denial. My thinking was how come something as critical as a phone ever get that kind of a privilege? But it died…right in front of me, without any consideration of its own reputation or my misery.
Now, I’m not that sentimental kind. I don’t cry at funerals. (Not that I’ve been to one, but hypothetically if I ever got a chance, I don’t think I would.) But this one almost had me in tears. The unexpected loss of such an integral aspect of my existence, that too in an alien place where I had no way to contact my driver to summon the car! 
The point is life without these devices has become unfathomable. Our dependence on these technologically-savvy, digitally-accurate devices is such that we no longer find the need to rely on own memory or our darwinian-intelligence. Digital devices are our demigods: Omnipresent! Resolver of all our problems!
Now, I won’t have turned so philosophical had I not lost my other soulmate (my laptop), a few hours ago. Imagine a life without a phone and a laptop! (and no, not on a holiday; right in the middle of a work-day) What the heck, these days you cannot even go on a holiday without them. Who’d help you find out about those hole-in-the-wall eateries and those 20% off online promotions?  But luckily the laptop literally decided to wake up from its slumber. I still don’t know whether it was my cries or kicks that did him in.
The truth is our devices have earned their spot in our maslow’s hierarchy of needs by being our most faithful servant, aide, and guide.  To a large extent, they have made us what we are today: Super-productive!  This “superman/superwoman” persona is so intoxicating that we can’t let go of our digital crutches, even if we wish to. That’s why no one talks about it. We all know we won’t be able to handle the other side of the truth.
But what we don’t realize is that these subservient servants are slowly taking control. We are at their whims and fancy, rather than the other way round. And they are changing us in unimaginable ways:

  • Notice how many times have their incessant callings made us jump out from our sleep, dinners, showers, meetings? 
  • How many times have we’ve hushed people (our near and dear ones) so that we can listen to our phones?
  • How many times have we pleaded to our computers not to crash?
  • And how many times have we cried in front of the idiot box than in front of a friend? 

So, at the risk of sounding too “hollywoodie”, I’d like to add, ”Don’t be surprised if our coming generations morph into small-limbed, big-headed, electronically-stimulated, robotically-programmed zombies!”
For me, I’m in search of an altar life! (Let me start by googling it on my laptop.)
ps. And I do believe in rebirth. If not for myself, for the time being, for my phone!